There is nothing that beats thatch lapas at creating an entertainment area at home. Lapas are structures typically made from wooden poles and covered with thatch reed or grass, and they provide a shady and dry area that you can use to entertain family and friends at home. Adding a lapa to your property will also increase the property’s value, and just think of the value you will derive from it.

lapa plans south africaGetting your own lapa built normally involves the following process:

1) Contact a professional lapa build contractor
2) Have your lapa designed by them or by an architect
3) The lapa contract builders construct the lapa

This however can be a very costly business, especially if you realise the following:

1) 90% of lapas will have a similar design, unless you really want a custom layout – only the size will vary
2) Using step-by-step instructions as supplied with our lapa designs, a dedicated DIY lapa builder can save thousands in contractor’s fees and build the thatch lapa by himself, or just save on the lapa design fees and have a contractor build it for you
3) By paying R99 per lapa plan at Lapaplans.com, you will also save thousands on architect fee for thatched lapa designs
4) If you buy your lapa construction material from Northern Poles, you will also receive your lapa plan for free

Cost Estimation provided by Northern Poles:
Northern Poles for lapa construction materials